Monday, July 18, 2011


one week of anticipation, 5 total changes of outfits prior to the interview, an hour in the crazy Nairobi traffic, one very angry waitress(.....really long story), crazy security check at Nation centre, one second of being star struck upon meeting Sheila Mwanyigha(yup! you heard it right!) ...and here we are and I can honestly say it was worth it. It’s really hard to imagine this beautiful beauuuutiful woman who exudes fabulosity in every way possible once wore safariboots to class!! Thank God she saw the light at the end of the fashion tunnel and changed her ways…a very welcome development if you ask me, from safari boots to louboutins , Kurt Geiger and Isaac Mizrahi shoes to the Fendi bags and Burberry sunglasses…that’s not even development...that’s a re-birth !!

From to...

She is a presenter, a daughter, a sister, a friend , a hard worker and best of all, she is very grateful for life, most people do not realize what a blessing life is, simple tasks such as talking , smiling, wiggling your toes, BREATHING, all owing to the accident she experienced a few years back . What I will remember the most from the interview though, was her bubbliness(I’m working on making this a word but I’m sensing that I’m failing miserably) I mean seriously though..she’s a ray of sunshine…no more like 15 rays of sunshine and such a pleasure to be around we had tonnes of fun with her.

She loves cartoons and she’s such a happy person so its easy to make her laugh..infact , while we were at the studio Batman and Robin was on and she lit up like a fat kid in a candy was so adorable . She loves to read, although currently she has all her school work to keep her busy having gone back to school to pursue her Masters and she is SINGLE!!(out of choice of course so fellas….wink,wink)

Here’s some more stuff that you probably did not know about her:

Best beauty tips I’ve learnt over the years is: always drink water…and never bleach your skin!
My favorite item in my wardrobe right now is:I’ve just celebrated a birthday so I got tones of shoes.. My shoes! It’s love, love, LOVE!(louboutins, kurt Geiger and Isaac Mizrahi's)

In my i-pod you’ll find: I’m listening to so many things right now but I’m really liking John West’s -right here, California king bed- Rihanna, Katie B- easy please me, Chris Brown-beautiful people, some Christina Perry, o yeah and jeniffer lopez featuring’s really old but it makes sense now.

My guilty pleasure is: Tequilla Rose’. It’s so yummy to indulge in but then the morning after you’re like never ever a

A perfect day for me is: well, a perfect day would be to wake up with Keanu Reeves, but realistically, waking up from bed having slept for 8 hours cos now I sleep for 6, so a perfect day would be to wake up at 6:15, not 5:15, and I’ve finished all my school work, sitting down to eat breakfast at the table, get to work , finish work, get on a jet plane to Mombasa for dinner and come back.

If I had a super power it would be: oh please don’t give me one! I want many! I wanna be invisible, I wanna fly ,I wanna be super convincing with my mind I want to look at you and tell you ‘you want to do that’, I want to be strong, and I want to be able to make diamonds with my hands like what Clark Kent(from smallville) can do ..yeah pretty much!

The best advice I’ve been given is: Never, ever, ever, EVER ! believe the hype cos that’s exactly what it is..the truth is for everybody who you look up to, at the end of the day we go home, take our shoes off, we’ve got cellulite, we’ve got issues , disappointments, and we’ve let down people miserably..not just fans but our families and friends as well and we’re all tryi

Your Vaseline endorsement: Was for a period of time and there’s talks of renewing it but we’ll see how things

The TPF hosting job: This is not TPF..this is tusker all stars, I host the TPF shows and it’s totally different. It’s a different production house and I get hired by a South African outfit to host the show and TPF is coming back I think in August so you guys should look out for it.

I would tell my 21 year old self to: HAVE FUN! But not to the extent when that’s all you know because the blocks that you’re putting in place now are what you’re going to build whatever it is you want to build when you’re 30 and you’ll either regret it or you’ll love it.

She’s pretty amazing huh?...we thought you’d thi