Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Nicholas Munene Mutuma famously known as Leo from the popular movie Shuga took time off his busy schedule to give us an inside scoop of his life. Check out what he had to say about fashion, acting and how you don't really need to have it all figured out. A side you all have never known...

uhidaya: So Nick what exactly do you do?

Nick: I am an actor, musician, promotions and events manager at one f.m, businessman, and the latest to my profile ambassador for dance for life N.G.O

uhidaya: When did you land your first acting role?

Nick: I first started on plays but my first T.V role was Tabasamu on citizen

uhidaya: what is the highlight of your acting career?

Nick: That has got to be shuga...I mean people started to really recognize me after acting in shuga and changes too was a pretty big point in my career.(here he is with the sugar cast)

uhidaya: Can you take up acting as a full time career in Kenya and still lead a comfortable life?

Nick: uhh yes it can be a full time career but one would have to struggle you could have just enough to spend for necessities but not enough left to save.

uhidaya: Do you consider yourself as a celebrity?

Nick: Not at all in Kenya the arts are not quite there yet so I can't count myself as a celebrity, famous maybe but celebrity no.

uhidaya: Who are your all time favorite actors that you look upto?

Nick: (laughing)I know this sounds weird but P.Diddy is a good actor well atleast in my eyes and Denzel Washington

uhidaya: Which celebrity would you like to date international and local?

Nick: (smiling) Internationally Lauren London locally Namtero Mdee of straight up is a serious hotty!

uhidaya: Its obvious you're popular with the ladies so how do you keep your cool when chicks throng you?

Nick: (giggling) I always just smile and add an LOL to every message on facebook.

uhidaya: Being such a lady killer does this affect your relationships?

Nick: It certainly has always been a problem people seem to get insecure.

uhidaya: Who is your Fashion Icon?

Nick: Mr. Kanye West

uhidaya: where do you shop?

Nick: I'm definitely a deacons guy so mr.price, identity, woolworths anything under the brand

Uhidaya: Do you get to keep the clothes you wear while acting?

Nick: ummm NO! but that sure would be nice..

uhidaya: So whats the one trend you hate to see thats current with women and men?

Nick: Ladies please! no weaves especially the shiny ones with the clear line at the top of the head...YUCK! Guys the baggy clothes are so overdue..

uhidaya: Whats the hottest trend that chics or dudes need to embrace?

Nick: A classy pair of killer heels are a definite yes and as for guys stick to clothes that fit

uhidaya: Your only human Nick so you have to dish to us your biggest flaw and how you work it

Nick: My biggest flaw is my forgetfullness I have to write everything down if I'm to remember it on that note please jot down your names(laughing)

uhidaya: In three words how would you best describe yourself?

Nick: Lucky, humble and hardworking

uhidaya: Where do you see yourself 10, 15, 20 years from now?

Nick: Wow! thats a question I struggle with everyday...for me I dont have it all figured out because I feel like each day presents a new challenge and a burst of new dreams not to say that I dont have ambition it's just everyday I get new inspiration to be bigger and better..

Well said Nick...goodluck and keep the big things popping!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011



Check out the beautiful people we spotted at the fair..

Name: Does she really need an intro?...ok for the few who need it Miss.Avril was in the building!

Fashion Inspiration: She loves color, pattern, something out of the ordinary!

Fashion Icon: A hybrid of Rihanna and Lady gaga.

Designers she loves: Chanel and the U.K brand atmosphere.

Our take: Tiered? check! Polka dotted? check! Patterened stockings? check! uber fabolous heels? double when we say fashion savvy this is exactly what we are talking about!

Verdict: Very Fashion foward.


Occupation: Model

Where does she shop: shop 69, woolworths, Identity.

Fashion Icon: Tyra Banks

Our take: On asking Maxdollin her occupation and she mentioned model we thought it's pretty obvious I mean look at her! but when she went ahead to say she was a mum we were completely thrown off seriously how many mum's do you know that can still work it like her? The jumpsuit was harem with green print and her luminous heels were just on point...kudos Maxdollin looking great!


Name: Erica


Fashion Inspiration: Naomi Campbell

Where does she shop: westgate, gigiri boutiques.

Our Take: Erica gave off this Chanel Iman vibe fresh faced,tall, lean with serious presence. She's the kind of girl who doesn't need much to make a statement believe it or not in a room filled with well dressed fashion models Erica stood out in her simple Tee, black leggings and wedges. Less is definitely more when you look like this.

Verdict: Refreshing.

Looking great ladies.

Hey Freddie!(The latest Uhidaya crew member) smiling it up with Avril..

Sheila Amolo(centre) was one of the designers present..By the way she has dressed Ciku Muiruri of classic f.m and a ton of other celebs.

Oh hey Georgina! Fierce satchel bag.

Fun times ensued at the fashionista fair...wonder why I'm not in the picture!

and even more fun.....


Mynx collection had there stuff on display at the Nairobi fashion Market; here is a peek of our favorite pieces:

this fab bubble skirt with edgy zippers definitely stood out!

one-shoulder has been in since last year and we saw the black off-shoulder jumpsuit with gathers at the middle to cover up a pot belly.

Who said sweaters are boring?check out the middle piece that has scrunchies on the shoulder cute right?
a cute little floral dress thats also one shouldered...great if you have the legs for it

You can get there stuff at
Westlands Mansions, Shop No. 109
Westlands road
Facebook: Mynx Nairobi

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Celebrity bites


Nairobi Fashion Market was the name of the event that took place last weekend at the Impala grounds. The uhidaya team was on site and location to be a part of Nairobi's fashion savvy crowd. The event was graced by fashion designers from all over who displayed their designs and sold them at discounted prices.

Celebrities we spotted;
Isn't she a dream!!Grace Makosewe ofcourse(centre) with the uhidaya team! she is wait for it...the fashion editor of True Love magazine, the lady responsible for setting the fashion climate in Kenya. We were literally star struck! I mean its not everyday you get to meet your icon so for what it was worth we had to take a picture with her .
The beautiful Dr. Catherine Masitsa(centre) was in attendance whom you may recognize from Samantha's bridal. She is the Managing director of the entire brand and with all that to her name, Catherine still maintains her grace and flair. She wore a little black dress which had a twist with a message on it that read Taken! from the samantha's bridal collection. We salute you Catherine for being a veteran in this industry.
It was a splendid day.

street take fashion market


Street Take,

Name: Rachel Shaban

What Inspired her Outfit: She wanted to flaunt her best assets which are her long beautiful legs and a bit of cleavage.

Fashion Inspiration: Victoria Beckham and Orie Rogo Manduli.

Where does she shop: Everywhere.

Our Take: Rachel legs have got some serious game and she sure knows how to show them off. What we loved the most about her outfit was how her best assets were on display now ladies a little booby here and there aint never hurt nobody!

Verdict: Sultry!

Name: Julia Thitai

School: USIU

Fashion Inspiration: Herself

Where does she shop: Elegant

Our take: When I first saw Julia the song 'DIVA' kept playing in my head like a scratched record. Her black jumpsuit which she paired with not just one but two cinch waist belts(black and brown) and her carroty heels all blended in to an ensemble that screamed high maintenance. Oh and by the way Julia owns her own fashion line called Afrifabb fashions.

Verdict: sexy.

Name: Ingrid

School: USIU.

Fashion inspiration: Herself and long time bff Julia.

Where does she shop: Everywhere and anywhere as long as its grabs my attention.

Our take: It was not surprising to learn that Ingrid owns her own fashion line named Fatasha gridd collection her bold choice of colour is something only someone with an eye for fashion would comfortably rock!

Verdict: sassy!

Name: Lucy Weke

School: USIU

Fashion Inspiration: Her fashion designer friend Ingrid.

Where does she shop: All around town.

Our take: White is such an innocent colour thats very chic and we love how she played it up with a sash of pink around the waistline and her baby blue heels oh and her african beads beautiful...

Verdict: Adorable huh?

We just had to get a picture of the three i'd like to call this a fuse of sassy, sexy and the all white chic. Looking beautiful ladies!