Wednesday, February 23, 2011



1)treats sunburns in this very hot March, the cucumber is your friend. it treats sunburns.the cooling effect of the cucumber is a natural and gentle way to sooth your skin and speed up the healing process

2) prevents brittle and splitting of the nails cucumbers have a high water content and are rich in vitamins and minerals

3) good for your hands the cucuber peels should be retained and used on hands especially after they have been in a strong detergent or in hot water. it is not necessary to rub care with cucumber should be a gentle,fragrant art.

4)enhances thick hair when you want to have thick hair, mix the cucumber with carrot, lettuce,spinach and then juice it

5)hydrates the skin the silica and high water content helps imrove skin complexion, adds a healthy glow and hydrates your skin.

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