Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Duchess of Cambridge

On the 29th of April, you all witnessed the becoming of a princess from what the media termed as a "commoner" every girl wanted to be the Duchess of Campbridge...wedding bells were ringing in every girl's head. for those who have weddings coming up.... there was also a lot of speculation about who was designing her dress and who else but the re-known Sarah Burton prodigy of the great Alexander Mcqueen.. there is the cinderella dress every girl dreams about..as prince charming comes and sweeps her off her feet and they cascade into the sunset

there is the straight dress ..for those who do not want their curves and "assets" to be covered up...if you are a bit of a show off..heres the dress for you(there is nothing to be ashamed about being a show off)

you think the long flowing dress is overarted...girlies who do not like being tied up to the coventional are going the short way...especially for those who want to show a little leg. and as a plus..lacy is sexy

I personally love lace! its sheer elegance is second to none, no wonder Sarah Burtton (Kates wedding dress designer) had to add a touch of it on Kates dress its timeless, conservative and every bit sexy..

For the non-virgin bride keeping off white is appropriate but that doesnt mean you throw on a black frock!a soft pink would be cute check out the tiered dress at the top fancy huh?

Ok so remember what I said about not throwing on a black frock?don't get excited as a bride you still can't but when it comes to bridesmaids there are no rules per se...heck! they can have neon green for dresses with orange purses...(I'd rather you don't!)but seriously gone are the days when the bridesmaids have to match with the bride. Your maids can wear black its slimming, can flatter any size and its simplicity makes it so easy to work with! If you beg to differ look up..

Her wedding probably coincided with Kate and William's hence the flames on her dress!(anything to get people's attention!)well atleast that's my theory how else can you reasonably explain the hideous tasteless artwork on her frock! seriously whatever you do, do not try this at home!

Images from google.

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