Friday, June 24, 2011


Oh what a difference 6 years make!..Remember Jamani?
He was on the cusp of hip hop stardom, riding high in the wave of his lyrical hits such as haters, kiswahili, among others. Clearly he has established himself as a notable presence in the Kenyan hip hop scene and the success from previous hits has clearly defined his skill and has made him a kenyan popularizing figure and now.. he is BAAACK!
Picking up where he left off. He continues his evolution from local hip hop star to a well polished star with his single:" Munene", that I absolutely love.He sets the tone as he makes a play to regain his old fans while acquiring new ones.

Well...cos we are cool lyk that, here are some exclusive behind the scene pics from his video shoot which was themed old skool..a very fresh concept if i might add.. and I honestly can't wait to see what he comes up with next. He is a breathe of fresh air...hope you share the same sentiments...J'mani much love and support from Uhidaya