Monday, June 28, 2010

I Heart: the lumberjack mood.

History of the lumberjack:

The literal meaning of lumberjack is one who works in the logging industry

Lumberjacks dressed in long plaid shirts for their jobs hence the name lumberjack.

Though not the doppelganger of the late 50’s lumberjack look, the style has reincarnated into what has been called a “bohemian intellectual look.”

This season, it’s all about channeling inner lumberjack and bringing it out in many vibrant colours while staying classy. We love the versatility that this style offers.

Who said casual can’t be gorge and big? Queen Latifah showing you how it’s done.

Lumberjacks are the ultimate in lounging around. Pair them with some thong sandals for daytime chic.
The beautiful Teddy Kalonga looking deliciously sexy, and ready to have a good time.

Men look hot in it too. Will make a good gift for the boyfriend... and you might as well go ahead and claim it for your wardrobe.

Diva’s day out? Just add some neckpieces to give you an urban chic look.

What you waiting for doll, hit the boutiques for your oh-so-versatile lumberjacks and get upgraded from gorgeous to ubër-gorgeous.

Time to look like an Irish villager...only hotter.



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  2. Great work ladies.
    you headed in the right direction.
    dont give up rather give you all.
    remember, Rome was not build in a Day.
    keep on keepin on :)

  3. i die for lumberjacks!
    so functional yet stylish

  4. Thank you Kipepeo, Basic And Princely For the support!!
    Spread the word ME LOVES :)

  5. Looking forward to more articles........