Thursday, July 1, 2010

That-just looks-tacky leggings.

Spotted: At Sevens Rugby

The mamaaa who came to cheer the boys on but ended up chasing the boys off.
Insanley Tacky..makes you want to hide your face and run.

Who doesn’t love leggings?

Skinnies are not for everybody but most people can flaunt legging very comfortably!
Honestly, there isn’t really much that can compete with leggings when it comes to both comfort & style.

We all love then in different colors and varieties like slashed leggings (the ones chic on the pic is spotting), latex leggings, leopard print leggings as well as black lace leggings!

With all that to choose from, beware that the fashion whore in you (of course we all are) can lead you into temptation and you end up compromising on style.

Make sure have a pair of Black leggings in your wardrobe - the most popular and the safest choice for many.

However, safe is not always fun. Go ahead and indulge into all types of leggings.

But remember, U really need bring the classy out of them by either pairing it up with an elegant cut top or shirtdress unless of course you want to look like a cheap- trashy- Las Vegas –drag queen.
Trashy or trendy. what do you think of Lady gaga's combo?
Jokate Rocking the slashed leggings thats what i am talking about!!

Remember trendy can sometimes be tacky and trashy ...Choose style!



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  2. hahaha the sevens ones speak for themselves,walking disaster!!hahaha. i love Jokate's though,too hott!!! the entire utfit actually.
    Love this blog already :)xo

  3. Love you more Hun :)
    thanks on being our pioneer supporter and for your great photography skills *wink*
    Spread the word!!!