Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Celebrity bites


Nairobi Fashion Market was the name of the event that took place last weekend at the Impala grounds. The uhidaya team was on site and location to be a part of Nairobi's fashion savvy crowd. The event was graced by fashion designers from all over who displayed their designs and sold them at discounted prices.

Celebrities we spotted;
Isn't she a dream!!Grace Makosewe ofcourse(centre) with the uhidaya team! she is wait for it...the fashion editor of True Love magazine, the lady responsible for setting the fashion climate in Kenya. We were literally star struck! I mean its not everyday you get to meet your icon so for what it was worth we had to take a picture with her .
The beautiful Dr. Catherine Masitsa(centre) was in attendance whom you may recognize from Samantha's bridal. She is the Managing director of the entire brand and with all that to her name, Catherine still maintains her grace and flair. She wore a little black dress which had a twist with a message on it that read Taken! from the samantha's bridal collection. We salute you Catherine for being a veteran in this industry.
It was a splendid day.

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