Wednesday, March 23, 2011



Check out the beautiful people we spotted at the fair..

Name: Does she really need an intro?...ok for the few who need it Miss.Avril was in the building!

Fashion Inspiration: She loves color, pattern, something out of the ordinary!

Fashion Icon: A hybrid of Rihanna and Lady gaga.

Designers she loves: Chanel and the U.K brand atmosphere.

Our take: Tiered? check! Polka dotted? check! Patterened stockings? check! uber fabolous heels? double when we say fashion savvy this is exactly what we are talking about!

Verdict: Very Fashion foward.


Occupation: Model

Where does she shop: shop 69, woolworths, Identity.

Fashion Icon: Tyra Banks

Our take: On asking Maxdollin her occupation and she mentioned model we thought it's pretty obvious I mean look at her! but when she went ahead to say she was a mum we were completely thrown off seriously how many mum's do you know that can still work it like her? The jumpsuit was harem with green print and her luminous heels were just on point...kudos Maxdollin looking great!


Name: Erica


Fashion Inspiration: Naomi Campbell

Where does she shop: westgate, gigiri boutiques.

Our Take: Erica gave off this Chanel Iman vibe fresh faced,tall, lean with serious presence. She's the kind of girl who doesn't need much to make a statement believe it or not in a room filled with well dressed fashion models Erica stood out in her simple Tee, black leggings and wedges. Less is definitely more when you look like this.

Verdict: Refreshing.

Looking great ladies.

Hey Freddie!(The latest Uhidaya crew member) smiling it up with Avril..

Sheila Amolo(centre) was one of the designers present..By the way she has dressed Ciku Muiruri of classic f.m and a ton of other celebs.

Oh hey Georgina! Fierce satchel bag.

Fun times ensued at the fashionista fair...wonder why I'm not in the picture!

and even more fun.....

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