Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Leggings have been around for ages but they have recently been revamped to look edgier and modern, but wearing them can be quite intimidating...and a few of you ladies have embraced this trend but in a very fashion no-no way, so here are a couple of tips to help you wear them in a flattering way: 1. Wear leggings in black or neutral colours.Black being the best because you can pair them with virtually anything. brown and gray are also very good whEn it comes to pairing up with other items while women with an eye for fashion have tried the multi-coloured legging look but its best not to go to colour crazy.

2. Do not wear leggings as trousers especially if you have jiggly assets(for lack of a better term).

3. Ballet flats or super cute doll shoes look reallly good with this look but avoid the best you can pairing leggings with stillettos...if you feel like you need to wear high shoes, cute wedges would be a great alternative.

4.During the cold season pairing leggings with flat boots is very trendy...just dont wear those fully sharp pointed boots cos that's a sure way to murder the leggings look (and that look is very two thousand and late)...trade in your sharp pointy boots for cow boy boots or some desert boots instead. 5. Metallic leggings look great for a night out in the town..at this point you can pair them up with a sassy pair of heels to bring your diva out.
Wet look leggings named so for the watery look they have are a great ensemble for a party or mad rave . ..and shimmery leggings add a fun element to dressing up for a party and they are great if you want to make a fashion statement.Images from google.

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