Tuesday, September 6, 2011


I've been thinking a lot lately about getting a wig..wigs simply because I would not be caught dead having weaved my hair..and its not that I have anything against weaves... *crickets*..who I'm I kidding, I have plenty against weaves e.g..those weaves that are so shiny, from an aerial view you look like your trying to s.o.s extra-terrestrial life ..if ever there was an alien attack...I'd blame it on those damn synthetic weaves, and how about a can of hairspray for a shinier,glossier(believe me its possible) effect??but that could just be my opinion...(and that of about 50 other million men and women in the planet!!)
I've been having a tonne of bad hair days. It's just been one of those months that I wake up, then I realise that I have to comb my hair and at this point I wish I could go back to sleep, but you can't cos u have to get ready for work(*sigh*..responsibility is such a pain in the rear end.) and in my head im thinking, how easy would this be if i could slip something on that would look good and neat, till i'm ready to go to the salon and fix my hair???Trouble is, finding that something that will look good on you..so i started to ask around and this is what I found out.
1. The miracle that is front lace wigs: These wigs give the appearance that hair is is growing from the scalp, making them look very natural. Lace wigs can be made with synthetic hair or 100% real human hair. Front lace wigs are considered superior because they are made with a cap that closely resembles the human scalp, and a thin sheer mesh fabric material attached. It is this mesh material that is referred to as the lace. This lace is temporarily glued to ones skin around the hairline to give the illusion that that's your real hair.

The mesh will have the same skin tone as your skin and when applied against your skin it will disappear. It is undetectable.

Full lace wigs can be parted anywhere throughout the wig so its very easy to style... but be warned its really hard to find professional lace wiggers(my word..so don't go writing it in compositions) you may end up looking like an atrocity.
2. A good fit is necessary for the best comfort..you don't want to be walking around tagging at your wig, checking that it hasn't been blown away by the wind or something like that.Comfort when buying a wig is paramount.

For a round face : If you have a round face, feel free to go long! In fact, you do not want to have a wig that ends right at the chinline - it will only make your face seem rounder. Keep your hair straight - full on top, straight on the sides, and long.

For a square face: You can soften-up a square face with wispy bangs and flowing layers. Have your hair cut in layers. Try on a curly or wavy haired wig. Again, feel free to long - you want to create the illusion of length.

For a heart-shaped face: A person with a heart shaped face has a wide forehead and a small chin, you therefore want one that makes the forehead look narrower and the chin look wider .Try out wavy curls or a chin-length bob. Also, consider trying on a wig with bangs.

For an oval face: If you have an oval face, you might find that any one of the above mentioned styles of wigs look great. An oval face looks great with long hair and with short hair, wavy and straight, bangs and no bangs. Pretty much, the whole world of wigs is open to you if you have an oval-shaped face!

Hopefully, by the end of the month..my bad hair days will be history.Be sure to get a wig that looks natural if you cannot afford real human hair...don't want alien visitors now do we?:-))xoxo!

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  1. hahahahaha dont i just love ths blog...nw cme recommend a short weave for me...

  2. hahahaha alien weaves...lol..tanya/freddie/gerogie..whoever came up with this!!..now wigs...hmmmnnnn isn't it like wearing a hat?what about the nairobi heat?..lol!

  3. nice post...so are they available in kenya???make it known to some of us.and where!!!!

  4. they are available in Kenya..will soon post where you can get them

  5. insightful info,the timing is right coz i have been toying with the idea of weaving.