Monday, October 10, 2011


Aren't you the queer bunch!!!..95% of you weirdos logged on to check out this post out cos you figured it would have something to do with sex..y'all are just nasty!!!...but that title got you here so..let's get on with it..
I finally braided my hair!!...trouble is....I'm tired of the same, old same old bland hairdo...ever notice how when your hair is braided... you either have it tied in a bun, or parted side ways then tied in...yes you guessed it..a granny bun...or in a mow hawk, or worse still, the infamous matako style(God help us all!!!) I tried looking for different braid-dos ..and this are some that I found.For some strange reason I could only find limited images of actual braids,I found really neat ones of dreads..which are a lot like braids if you think about these images still give you the general idea of the I hope when you finally try them on your braids you get a similar look:))

..o yeah.. and I really really reaaally like the do this lady rocks from that tele novela on Citizen tv(you can stop judging me now...once in a while I'll peek at this soap(triunfo del amor) to get a glance of that cutie patootie on J-lo's I'm into you do you spell M.C.S.T.E.A.M.Y?)

This hair dos are very boho out the braid on your braids.

The french bun roll, very nice for a night out on the town:The braided up do:If you want to make a statement, this would go really well if you have different color braids at the front.

..and if you have those wavy long braids, these dos wold be perrfect:

and finally...that mow hawk:

So there you have it...revamp that regular braid look and be different .I dare you!!xoxo!

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