Monday, November 14, 2011

Away with theMonday blues

Today is Monday and with it comes the blues. I had a fantastic weekend and didn't want to wake up today especially at an ungodly hour so as to beat the traffic. I have been thinking of a way to kick out the Monday blues so here are a few tips for the fashionistas

colour blocking

For fashionistas who work, you don't have to wear a grey suit to look away with colors

if your still in school or you just don't have to be chocked up in a is how you can play things up.
pair up your favorite top with leggings and killer heels

for the kanga lovers like myself here is a tip... or four on how to pull this off
for the girly girls look cute and chic in a skirt and don't forget the clutch...
for those who find color blocking a tad bit too much can accessorize with your nails paint away

feeling better already? Mondays will never be blue again..or maybe they will but they'll be less blue and more me you'll feel great !!!!!!!!!lets turn Mondays blues to Monday colorful!!!!!!!!


  1. mmmhh...nt a bad idea afta all.

  2. i might think of doing it kesho n see how it goes.....fanniete