Friday, November 25, 2011


No one loves controversy like I do!!!And when I heard about this, I was all over it like an addict on crack!...Its true what they say..every publicity is good publicity I wonder what they had to say about this(whoever they is..). I'm talking about the reaaly controversial United Colors of Benetton Ad Campaign.They used digitally manipulated images for their “UNHATE” campaign that was meant to promote tolerance and “global love.”
I looove the risk they took with these images, cos you just can't not see them! and the message is pretty clear..but the one where the Pope Benedict XVI kisses the imam had to come down after the Vatican protested, turns out religious types didn't take that one too well.I think that they make really neat (phone)wallpapers.

So what do you guys think?hit or miss?Who would you have preferred to see lock lips?is it a bird is it a plane? many questions, such little time!!!!....hahaha, xoxo my lovelies!!!

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