Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Our Take: Those who came in second on The B.E.T red carpet

A bit overdressed

This looks just screams sexy and elegant. But, it was a bit dressy for the BET Ashanti! Considering you didn’t get an award or present any.
Save this one for the night shows.


One glance at her feet and we dieed..we love,love,love,looove the shoes.
Did I say we love your mean pair of uber glittery cage shooties brandy? Yes!
Though we hated the meshy thingie covering your cleavage...wanna play peek-a-boob?

So Afro Chic.

Simple, classy and we looooove the African prints.
Problem is, the boobs are spilling out of Africa

This just needed to put a lil bit more thought to their outfits.



  1. Ashanti...thats dress belongs to me, me, me!!
    i need it back immediately

  2. ashanti's dress is to die for...the afro print dress is a must have but the dress is a bit toooooooo tight for my liking

  3. Anon 1:
    Dont sweat it you can get that dress.
    we will soon be posting connections to boutiques in East Africa than you can go purchase the Star Styles you like.
    you will be rocking that look in a while!!
    Tip:Make sure to gorge it up at a sophisticated night occasion not in the broad daylight :)

  4. Now to my gorgeous Anon 2:
    Let me introduce you to something helpful: CUSTOM TAILORING.
    i would advice you to get a tailoring expert who can work on dresses to fit your liking and still not alter the original pattern.
    it takes time and effort to get this one perfect tailor but its worth it and you will need it.
    Go ahead and follow us doll :)