Thursday, February 9, 2012


I'm totally lusting on the body con trend.
Body con, short for body conscious, is basically a very tight stretchy cloth made to fit and show off every curve in your body. Body Con could either come in the form of a skirt, or a dress.
This trend was very popular circa 1980s and its back with a bang.
What I love about body con is that its very versatile and it works for both the day and the night look.
I find it better to rock a body con skirt with a cute loose tee or a cropped/flowy top since the bottom will be form fitting. Body con skirts are suuper appropriate for skinny girls that have curves and want to show of a bit...well, a lot of leg but not to worry, my chubby sistas can also rock the look with a pair of dark stockings/tights underneath to hide anything that you might not want exposed.

Body con skirts come in a wide range of floral prints(for the girly/summer look), tribal prints, stripes and they go well with cute flats, heels,converse shoes and basically all types of boots.
I'm yet to find any vendor who sells them in Nairobi but the search continues and I'll tell u guys where as soon as i discover a spot that stocks them.

So watchawaitinfa?..try on a body con and see how u like it:-))


Images source:tumblr

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